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Slip decoration with paper resist and sgraffito

One of my favourite techniques this year has been slip decorating. I love how slip can be used and layered as thick paint.

This picture is of the end result, before bisque firing. unfortunately I don't have a good picture of the finished piece as it was sold before I realized I still needed to take a picture. At the end I will show you a partial picture of it on the sale table.

The bowl after layering several layers of slip, using paper resist and sgraffito. Before bisque firing, applying some underglaze details and clear glaze.

There are a tulip field and a sea shore/ clouds in the background and in the upper right a design from a phulkari (traditional Panjabi embroidered textile)

I start with a leather hard bowl of red stoneware clay that I first cover with Palin white slip. Than I roughly make a lay-out with sections of coloured slip backgrounds. As you see on the right I added some paper tulip shaped cut-outs. The dashes of dark green slip will be covered later with paper cut-outs of leave and stem shapes.

The paper covered with a light green slip, one paper resist removed to reveal a tulip.

All of the paper tulips removed and a rough start of a female figure.

I've started to do some sgraffito (scraping/ carving trough the slip) here in the field right behind the figure and added some wavy strips of paper for what will be waves/clouds later.

Some more paper resist strips to section the phulkari 'embroidery'

Some more carving.

The finished bowl on my sale table just before going to its new home.

Some other pieces I recently made using the same techniques;

With a translucent turquoise glaze.

Eekta Trienekens 2020


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