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Underglaze painting

Trying to be more organized this year means I already have a full kiln load of bisqued pieces ready to be painted. The underglaze painting is a fun process but oh, so time consuming. I'm so ready to get my hands back into the clay again but I need a little more work finished before I allow myself to get another box.

Some of the bisqued pieces waiting for their special treatment.

Bisqued bowls

some sculptures have to be painted and glazed too but I have not decided yet on how to.

Bisqued sculptures and plates

I use a lot of water while painting on the underglaze to get softer colour effects.

Bisqued and undeglaze painted fairy bowl

some more pictures of pieces ready for a clear glaze

some underglaze painted little plates

underglaze painted bisque pendants

some more bowls underglaze painted

To be updated with finished work soon!

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