Clay & me

Relatively new in ceramics (since 2016) I could not have been more in my element. Clay keeps me connected to the earth and her story. Our history is in it, parts of us all are in it. I consider it a magical or maybe even a sacred medium. Creating and exploring the endless possibilities of clay is now part of my daily adventures. 


In my work I explore themes like the subconscious, our relationship with nature, our every day experiences and emotions and cultural expectations. My background in painting and fibre arts help me make decisions on surface decoration and composition. Inspiration comes from everywhere, Grimm’s fairytales, stories I hear from friends and in the media, art history and most of all working and experimenting every day. My process is very intuitive and, like a storyteller, each piece I create comes with a little story of its own. I do not plan my work too much ahead and try to go with the material, open for surprises and challenges.

Large coiled vase
for Nehalennia
Bhumi mother earth
TRI167-001 kurinuki
Pan's back