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Cracked Surface


stoneware and porcelain



Porcelain, 2021

Dive in

Stoneware, 2021

This work is in the show 'Confined' in The Canadian Clay and Glass Gallery from January 15th - May 8th 2022

CONFINED brings together pieces from 31 artists from across Canada working in ceramics, glass, and copper enamelling. Through their diverse and intriguing works, these artists share the difficulties, trauma, and inventive creativity they experienced during the COVID-19 restrictions. CONFINED shows us the varied experiences of artists while reminding us of the societal cracks that were revealed and deepened by the pandemic and the potential for creation and innovation in the face of adversity.

dive in Eekta Trienekens 2021.jpg


Porcelain, 2021

zebra fish Eekta Trienekens 2021.jpg

'Riding the waves'

Stoneware, 2021

This Zebra fish was part of a temporary public art installation celebrating Canada Day in during the month of July 2021 in the city of Waterloo, ON. There are 4 more fish in this work

Pan's back Eekta Trienekens .jpg

Pan's back

Stoneware, washes and glazes 2016

This could very well have been one of my first attempts at sculpture in clay. I still love how it seems to be alive. Fusion Design Award 2016 at Earthborn.

Pan's back Eekta Trienekens .jpg


Stoneware, 2017

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