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Classes with Eekta

Got inspired and ready to get your hands in this beautiful mud yourself? Eekta regularly teaches workshops and classes  in the KW-area (Waterloo Potters Workshop, Clay and Glass Gallery, and very recently in her own studio at Globe studios in Kitchener). See below for a few possible projects.  All are suitable for adults as well as children (7+). Contact me for more information or if you need other options.

Workshops are guided projects for 3-5 participants, all materials and firings are included.



This is a very fun and satisfying technique where we cover our white clay with a coloured slip and carefully scratch a design, revealing the clay underneath. This can be a 1 or 2 session project. (3-5 hours total)



We will make a bird or animal sculpture using the pinch pot technique. This can be done in a one time session but 2 is preferred (3-4 hours total).

layered vase simple.jpg


Make a beautiful layered vase using lace and other textures. This is a 2 session project, 3-5 hours total.

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