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July 1, 2016

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Make-A-Thing-A-Day-A-Thon 1/100

February 19, 2016


So, I've decided I will make or work on something every day and will post the result of my work here. Something can be anything, in my case a painting, sculpture, pot, knitted items, a nice new recipe. As long as we're making it with our own hands!


I've long been wondering, am I an artist? am I a crafter? I guess I am both, a maker. I thought I should be painting most of my days but find myself distracted with all kind of other things I want to make and than feel guilty about not working in my main medium or end up not doing much at all. But making something is always better than making nothing!


I started out really well but did not take pictures right away thinking I could do this blogging at the end of every week. Well,  I got punished right away as 3 of my pots dissapeared before I got a chance to click them (I do my ceramic things in a co-op pottery workshop) So from now on, pics are taken right away!


After visiting Ripley's Aquarium in Toronto yesterday I realized my 4 year old daughter loves mermaids more than anything, even more than Elsa! Like me she prefers the imaginary world over the real one (though mermaids might be very real to her!) After coming home I decided her cute favourite little stuffie Tommie needed a mermaid tail too, so he could become a merpup.


 Tommie as his normal self


 His freshly knit tail!


 And now he became a merpup! (and, apparently, a she)


It was a fast and easy project, no pattern needed! I cast on 44 stitches (on 2,75 mm double pointed needles) and knitted an inch (2 cm) or so in rib (in the round, 2k, 2p) Depending on the desired lenght you continue in stockinette till you want to make the tail narrower, divide the stitches in 2 (I now use only 3 needles, 2 for the divided stiches and one to knit) and decrease at the sides (4x) continue for 1-2 cms and decrease again, continue doing so with less space between the decreases as you progress till you have about 10 stitches left (5 on each side). Now arrange these stitches on one needle alternating from both needles. Make the fins (will add later)


Next; a mermaid tail for the barbies;



But....my machine just 'crashed' it has changed the stitch direction all by itself and now the needle broke, help!



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